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Our Link Acquisition Strategies are Safe & Effective.

Rather than fearing the next Google Update, our clients actually look forward to them!

Unlike “black-hat” SEO strategies that blindly blast links across irrelevant and dangerous channels, our Link Acquisition strategies are totally ethical and 100% in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Before hiring an SEO firm to manage your online presence, it’s vitally important that you understand their methodology.  Making a wrong choice here will not only prevent you from achieving your desired results, but will also result in having your website penalized by the Search Engines, or even banned entirely from the results.

What makes it even more confusing (and scary) is that many so-called “white-hat” SEO agencies, are simply putting a new spin on the black-hat tactics used in the past.  They’ve effectively identified loop-holes in the search engine’s ranking algorithm that provide fast results.  The problem is, the next next algorithm update is always just around the corner.  Once it’s discovered that you’ve been trying to “game the system” you’ll be out of business.

 To prevent this from happening, it’s important to understand why Google does what they do, and what they are planning for the future.  If you understand where the search engines are going, you can develop a strategy that will be strong for years into the future. At Brown Box Branding, we’re not in the business of fearing the next Google update.  In fact, we look forward to it.  Why? Because every time one is released, our clients move up the ranks, and often their competitors move down.  We think happy clients are pretty good for business.

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