Social Media Management Services

Social Media Marketing Packages

Our social media strategies will establish a community around your brand and develop important relationships between you and your customers. 

Our Social Media Packages are a cost effective way for you to effectively engage with your customers and lay a strong foundation for audience growth.  Our research team pulls together excellent quality content from various sources to ensure your brand provides the most unique, up-to-date, and engaging experience to your followers as possible.

Social Media is proven to increase the conversion percentage of your website as it allows perspective customers the opportunity to “look under the hood” and see how you engage with your existing customers.  Having a rarely updated page, or worse, a non-existent presence can dramatically decrease the liklihood of a new customer taking action on your website.

Our Social Media Management Services are an excellent way to ensure your social channels always updated with fresh and engaging content, which will keep your brand top-of mind and increase sales.

All of Our Packages Include:

Facebook Apps Integration

FB Cover Photo Design

Timeline Management

Twitter Cover Design

Google+ Brand Creation & Optimization

Google+ Authentication

Google Circles

Google Groups

Rich Schema Tags

Google+ Authorship Mark Up

Unique Facebook Posts

Unique Twitter Tweets

Relevant Facebook Shares

Relevant Google+ Shares

Work Reports

Monthly Publishing Calendar


  • Bronze

  • $275/Mo.
    • 1 Facebook App (Setup)
    • 1 Google Group (Setup)
    • 4 Unique Facebook Posts
    • 2 Relevant Facebook Shares
    • 4  Unique Twitter Tweets
    • 2 Unique Google+ Content

  • Silver

  • $350/Mo.
    • 2 Facebook Apps (Setup)
    • 100 Google Circle (Setup)
    • 4 Google Groups (Setup)
    • Author Badges (Setup)
    • 1 Social Plugin (Setup)
    • Personal Widgets (Setup)
    • 8 Unique Facebook Posts
    • 4 Relevant Facebook Shares
    • 8  Unique Twitter Tweets
    • 8 Unique Google+ Content
    • 4 Relevant Google+ Shares

Best Value
  • Gold

  • $425/Mo.
    • Up to 5 Facebook Apps (Setup)
    • 200 Google Circle (Setup)
    • 8 Google Groups (Setup)
    • Author Badges (Setup)
    • 3 Social Plugin (Setup)
    • Personal Widgets (Setup)
    • Brand Widgets (Setup)
    • 12 Unique Facebook Posts
    • 6 Relevant Facebook Shares
    • 12  Unique Twitter Tweets
    • 12 Unique Google+ Content
    • 6 Relevant Google+ Shares

  • Platinum

  • $550/Mo
    • Up to 6 Facebook Apps (Setup)
    • 200 Google Circle (Setup)
    • 8 Google Groups (Setup)
    • Author Badges (Setup)
    • 3 Social Plugin (Setup)
    • Personal Widgets (Setup)
    • Brand Widgets (Setup)
    • 16 Unique Facebook Posts
    • 8 Relevant Facebook Shares
    • 16  Unique Twitter Tweets
    • 16 Unique Google+ Content
    • 8 Relevant Google+ Shares
    • 1 Facebook Note Page

Our Process

  • Research

    Our team will research topics of discussion that are happening within your industry and pull together informative material to be used each month.

  • Content Creation

    We will create content including high impact videos, images, and articles to be published on your Social Media Profiles.

  • Client Approval

    Nothing gets published on your accounts without you first signing off on it. We'll provide you with a publishing calendar each month for your review & approval.

  • Reporting

    You'll receive access to our Client Dashboard so you can monitor social engagement with your accounts. You'll also receive monthly work reports showing what we've accomplished.

Request a proposal today and learn how your business can benefit from our social media management services.