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An overwhelming 51% of B2C businesses & 64% of B2B businesses say producing enough relevant, quality content to effectively stand out online is one of their greatest challenges.

Creating large volumes of engaging content has an incredible effect on your ability to reach and get the attention of your prospective audience.  The effect isn’t limited to converting website, social media, or blog visitors into customers, it is also a major factor in increasing your ability to elevate your search engine rankings.  If content marketing wasn’t on your to-do list before, we’re betting it is now.

The challenge comes down to logistics.  The vast majority of business owners don’t have time to create the sheer volume of content required to enjoy significant results. Many attempt this feat on their own, creating blogs and a social media presence.  In short time, most realize it’s nearly impossible to maintain quality content production and simultaneously run their business.

The struggle to balance and produce is real.  In no way does it reflect lack of vision or commitment, it’s simply a matter of time. Business owners are responsible for the day to day operations and matters affecting their business. Social media posts and blog writing are often among the first things to go when addressing the tangible matters of the day.

Content Marketing Firm Portland

At Brown Box Branding Portland, we employ our unique and efficient system, allowing us to create impressive volumes of high quality content for you.  The marketplace is full of content writers, but it’s crucial that the material you’re sharing online carries the voice and message of your brand…the message that is uniquely you.  This is our happy place, weaving our content magic for our clients.

Before you know it, you’ll have a plethora of engaging content all over the web.  Your clients and fans will share and respond like never before, and you’ll enjoy the ascent as you rise in the ranks of the search engine results.  The value is undeniable.  The cost is less than what you’d pay a part-time employee, and pleasantly lacking personnel issues.  It’s simply the synergy of smart and efficient business.


These are our proven strategies used to successfully rank brands high in organic search…and convert like rock stars.

Social Media Marketing Solutions with Style

Our engaging social media strategies will encourage a community focused on your brand and lay the groundwork for stronger relationships with your customers.


    • Editorial Publications
    • Business Review
    • Timeline Management
    • Product/Service Review
    • Brand Interviews
    • Authoritative & Relevant Guest Blogs


    • Press Releases

    • PDF Publications

    • Original Videos

    • Video Channel Submissions

    • Website Blog Posts

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