SEO Roadmap

SEO Roadmap

Our SEO Roadmap Ensures We’re Staying On Track with Campaign Goals & Expectations.

We chart the course each month and measure our success to ensure we’re on track with your campaign goals.

Imagine setting out on a journey without knowing where you’re going, or having clear directions on how to get there. Pretty unwise if you ask us. At Brown Box Branding we take the investment of our clients seriously. That’s why we develop a personalized SEO Road Map that charts the course of action we plan to take each month.This is an internal report that is produced by our team at the onset of all our SEO campaigns*, and is revised and expanded each month as we review your SEO campaigns performance. In this report, you’ll get a breakdown of exactly what steps we plan to take for the following month. That way there will be no surprises, and you’re always in the loop. You’ll know exactly what type of content and links will be developed, and see what keywords we’re targeting for better rankings.

We never expect our clients to take our word that we’re working hard on their behalf. We tell them what we’re going to do at the beginning of each month, and show them what’s been accomplished at the end of the month. Our clients trust, but also verify that we’re doing what we committed to.*SEO Roadmaps are provided on all Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus plans. They are not provided for our smaller micro or intermediate solutions.

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