Twitter Outreach Campaign

Grow Your Following & Drive Targeted Website Traffic

15,000 Targeted Twitter Users Every Month

Our team will identify and reach out to targeted and engaged Twitter users who have a history of engaging with brands and products similar to yours. These users will generally follow you at a rate of 10-20%, meaning that your following will grow by 1,500 – 3,000 users every single month.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

15,000 active and targeted Twitter users will be notified on their devices every month. Of these many will click through to your website or product offering. We can provide coaching, or development work so as to convert the highest number of these visitors as possible using the science of Conversion Optimization.

Most Affordable Lead Generation Strategy

Reaching out to these targeted users via Twitter is by far the most affordable lead generation strategy we offer, and in many ways is the most effective. When you consider the budget it would take to target 15,000 users on Google each month, the value is staggering.

I've been excited about seeing movement in followers on Twitter. Attached is the change in traffic, which has been significant the last three days. Wow. If this can continue, I'd be very happy. It's the first sign of life I've had in quite some time.

I've nearly doubled my website traffic. Nice bump, yes?

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Dawn F.

Best Selling Author


Is a Twitter Outreach Campaign Right For You?

Need to Drive Traffic Fast

There is not a faster way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Within hours of signing up, you will see an immediate boost in the traffic to your website. The traffic generated from this campaign will result in sales and engagement with your brand.

Bulk Follower Buys

If you're looking for a service that promises ``XX,XXX Followers for $29.95,`` this campaign is NOT for you. These types of tactics will damage your brand and produce nothing in terms of engagement and sales. Instead, we focus on safe and effective results.

Instantly Build Brand Recognition

If you've had trouble ``getting your name out there`` or are looking to increase awareness of your products/services, this campaign is perfect for you. How else could you send branded notifications to 15,000 people each month?

Fake Accounts

Many ``Buy Twitter Followers`` programs will fill your following with fake or inactive accounts. This is meaningless and will damage your brand. Our campaigns will strategically add real and TARGETED followers, which will result in increased sales and engagement with your brand.

Need an Affordable Solution

There are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase sales. SEO, Pay-Per-Click and other campaigns are very effective in doing so. However, none are as affordable as our Twitter Outreach Campaign.

Followers With No Engagement

As we're reaching out to active and targeted Twitter users, you'll see an immediate boost in your following. That's great for a social proof, but you want website traffic and conversions. That's where our system shines. What's the point if you're not making sales?

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