16 Advertising Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness

16 Advertising Techniques to Boost your Brand Awareness

16 Advertising Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness

Competition in almost any industry is fierce. We live in a global economy, so your competition extends far beyond the business across town these days. Fortunately, there are some advertising techniques that boost brand awareness and help consumers remember your company name.

Branding is your reputation. It is how customers see you not what you think your company image is. You can influence your brand image through smart marketing techniques.

1. Create Consistent Content

Do you want to be a favorite destination for customers online? Create new content on a consistent basis. Readers need to know they can expect a new blog post about how to better use your product every Wednesday without fail, for example. Consistency is equally important for social media traction. Consistency is key.

2. Add Video

Videos create something memorable and allow you to stand out from the competition. A landing page with a video has an 86 percent higher conversion rate. Videos also allow you to show off your personality as a company and increase recognition.

3. Focus on Visual Branding

Visual branding is the most important aspect of your company’s presence, including the images and colors you use. For example, if you use a specific color palette on your website, you should also use those colors on social media and vehicle wraps. When customers see a certain combination of colors together, they should think of your brand.

4. Introduce New Products

Let your fans know about new products or improvements to existing products. This is your opportunity to market to people who already love what you have to offer. Your chances of selling to current customers are greater than selling to someone new, so really step up your advertising to your current customer base.

Trader Joe’s does a great job of introducing new products as they hit their stores. They share a blog post featuring the item and telling about the background of it and why they chose to put it in their stores. They also utilize cute memes and interesting photos to drive social media shares.

5. Interact on Social Media

Speaking of social media, take the time to interact with your fans on the networks that your target audience frequents. If one of your followers comments on a photo you uploaded to Facebook, thank them for their comment and share something interesting, funny or warm with them.

6. Promote Your Transparency

When a brand commits to full transparency, 94 percent of customers are more loyal to that brand. Be open and honest. Point out your flaws in your marketing and then explain why they are positives or how you’re turning them into positives.

7. Add a Blog

If you don’t yet have a blog, add one. Companies with a blog get about 67 percent more leads than those who don’t. A blog also gives you natural content that drives traffic from search engines to your site. This alone increases your reach.

8. Solve a Problem

What is a problem that your average customer faces and how can you solve the issue? Solving a problem drives new leads your way. If you deliver, you’ll gain loyal customers and word-of-mouth advertising that no amount of money can buy.

GymIt taps into a concern its typical audience member has — overpriced gym memberships you can’t get out of. They focus on the fact that they never have contracts and state you can cancel at any time. Memberships cost $5.95 per week. Memberships are billed bi-weekly, so you can try it out for a couple of weeks without being tied in for a full year.

9. Lose the Self-Promotion

Self-promotion doesn’t translate well in advertising, particularly on social media. About 45 percent of consumers said they would unfollow a brand if they promoted themselves too much on social media. Remember that social media is a platform where you can interact with others. Share their posts, ask questions and engage to keep followers interested.

10. Respond on Social Media

Take the time to scroll social media on a daily basis and respond to any questions, comments or concerns. In one study, 16 percent of respondents said they expect a follow-up within 24 hours on Facebook, and another 13 percent expect a response in one or two hours.

11. Advertise on Multiple Channels

Don’t focus all your efforts in a single place. It takes about five to seven impressions before people remember your brand. If you’re a newer company, it may even take more. Brand impressions are important, so think through the places your target audience hangs out and figure out multiple ways to reach them.

12. Create a Personalized Experience

About 48 percent of people say they expect a brand to know them and offer products and services tailored to their needs. The more specific and personalized you can make the experience, the better.

Zocdoc asks some key questions when you land on their home page. If you sign up for an account, they will greet you by name and ask more questions to find out what type of doctor you might like to find or health issues you’re dealing with. The more information you share, the more personalized the site becomes. They also offer an app that does the same thing.

13. Get Your Employees Involved

When employees share a marketing message, it reaches 561 percent more people than when the brand shares the same message. People trust recommendations from family and friends, so if your employees use your brand and love it, ask them to help you with your advertising efforts.

14. Share Your Values

Some customers seek out brands that have the same values as they do. Don’t feel afraid to share what you’re passionate about. 64 percent of people say that shared values drive their relationship with brands.

15. Tie Into a Promise

What is the one thing you can promise your customers? This is your brand promise and should appear everywhere you advertise. It is part of your overall branding strategy. Think about brands such as Disney and their promise to give you a magical experience. What experience can you offer consistently to your customers?

16. Adapt to Changes

Be prepared to adapt to changes in the marketplace and as competitors rise up and try to copy what you’re doing. If you always have fresh ideas that relate back to the core of who you are as a brand, your customers will stay with you. Stay ready to adapt and change.

Brands such as Blockbuster Video didn’t adapt quickly enough to the changes in digital videos and the uprising of Redbox. Because they didn’t get on board fast enough, they lost a huge market share and eventually closed most of their retail stores. Don’t end up as the next Blockbuster. Learn from their mistakes and stay up on your market, making changes when needed.

Advertising Techniques for Brand Recognition

Figuring out how to advertise with strong branding starts with knowing the message you’d like to put out there. You must also know your typical customer and what they want from your brand. Once you’ve developed a loyal customer base, they will help with your advertising strategy as you try new techniques to get the word out.

Lexie Lu

Lexie is a designer and UX strategist. Her work is regularly featured on Creative Bloq, Manta, Envato, and Marketo. She also runs her own design blog, Design Roast.

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