3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You To Enhance Brand Development

3 Ways to make social media work to enhance your brand developmet

3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You To Enhance Brand Development

3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You To Enhance Brand Development


Any Internet marketing company will tell you that this digital age, while certainly made up of many different components, seems to be largely about identity, which is primarily one’s social media presence. Think about it like this: Social media sites and blogs now reach eight out of 10 U.S. internet users, accounting for 23% of all time spent online. Social media is a way to brand oneself and one’s business, and it is critical to establish a strong brand image, the better to stick in people’s heads. Customers are generated this way — 5% of marketers have generated a customer on Twitter. But, how is this done? Where is the line between helpful social media marketing, and too much social media marketing?


Get Visual With it!


Videos and pictures have very high value, especially on the home page. Surprisingly, people are much more likely to watch a video than to read a lengthy article. Consider trying to get your message across with a video or a series of pictures, and make sure to establish your brand on multiple, picture based platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest. This will help you broaden your scope, and attract a myriad of other customers, fans, and shares. Let your visuals do your marketing for you.


Emphasize Experiences


Interaction is more than feasible with social media and the culture of instant gratification. Encouraging your customers and followers to participate in the creation and development of your company’s story and brand identity will increase engagements and bring in even more revenue. Many brands hold contests, giveaways, and post polls to get constant consumer feedback.


Use it As an Opportunity to be Transparent


In the middle of giveaways, pictures, funny status updates, and shares, it can be hard to remember that social media offers an amazing opportunity to be honest and transparent. Consider showcasing your processes, ideas for product development, and your team. Engage on a more personal level. Build trust, use humor, and adhere to the values and morals of your brand.


While social media is an important marketing technique for brands, don’t forget about the other aspects of internet marketing — SEO, website design, and blogging among this. Brands that blog increase their web traffic by up to 55%. To manage the many fronts of marketing, hire an Internet marketing company or SEO company to help you get back on your digital marketing feet.

Colby Richards

Colby is the Managing Partner of Brown Box Branding's Seattle branch. The twenty-five years he’s spent managing client projects have provided him with an eye for detail and an appreciation for branding. Colby’s high-energy approach to projects built his proven track record of positive results.

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