Dallas Web Designers: Ideas for Creative Website Design

Ideas for Creative Web Design

Dallas Web Designers: Ideas for Creative Website Design


Businesses looking to promote their product should see their web platforms as exciting opportunities rather than annoying challenges. A web page has endless possibilities for expression and is essentially the face of a business that most consumers are likely to see. It is important that the site is highly functional, secure payment systems are in place, and they are mobile optimized. Blogging can also work wonders as it can increase web traffic by 55% for brands. But when it comes down to it, it is the design of the website that really draws people in and keeps them there. Nearly half (46%) of people say that a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company.


So, it’s important to leave a memorable and positive impression with your site design. Here are some ideas to get you going:


Start With a Unique Perspective:

The home page is the locus of your website, and will determine how people navigate it. Why not get creative, and present an interesting and engaging home page for your visitors. Doing things like making small games, or designing a thematic landscape complete with art and animation might be just the ticket to creating a memorable site. For web design in Dallas, maybe an interactive graphic of the Dallas skyline will engage viewers.


Go for Minimalism:

Web design can be very complex — or very simple. Consider going for a totally minimal vibe, and presenting only the information that your viewers need to navigate and browse on your site. This will help keep the concentration on the product or services you offer, with little to no distraction.


Play With Sound and Images:

It has been shown that videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%! That is a testament to the ability of images to capture people’s attention. In this age of instant gratification, many people literally don’t have the time or inclination to read more than a couple of line of text, so why not convey your message via images? Playing with other senses can also be an extremely creative way to grab attention. For instance, why not feature music on your site, or have each of your icons make a noise every time they are clicked?


It is important to enlist professional website designers in your quest to stand out in the Internet crowd. Web development is their career, and they are sure to have creative ways and unique ideas to better your site. Web design in Dallas has a lot of potential for creative growth! Contact a Dallas web design firm today.

Chris Wielinski

As our Lead Developer, Chris helps to guide strategic decisions in all technological avenues. He plays a crucial role assessing market trends and determining how they affect our approach to client projects. Chris has developed a remarkable programming team who has mastered a number of technologies to help build world class websites for our clients.

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