Behind the Screens: What Separates Mediocre Web Designers From Experienced Website Developers?

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Behind the Screens: What Separates Mediocre Web Designers From Experienced Website Developers?

A new year has arrived, but it hasn’t come with a list of exciting new web design trends. Sure, there are always new bells and whistles and widgets you can add to a site, but visually, websites still look similar to pages designed in preceding years. Our experienced website developers explain why.

Virtually all professional-quality websites employ the same techniques these days, visual cues and effects that you may not know the name for, but that you see all over the web. There’s parallax scrolling (which creates a 3D effect as you scroll), circular buttons and logos, long scroll homepages, and high definition background photos and videos.

If these are the features that have become the hallmark of professional website design over the past few years, what’s changing in web design?

The Biggest Trends in Web Design Are Happening Behind the Scenes
There was a time when web design was all about the way your website looked, but not anymore. Now, it’s not enough to be a mere web designer. A web design company like ours has to employ a team of experienced website developers who understand which way the digital winds are blowing.

What does that mean exactly?

Google recently announced that a major Penguin update will arrive in Q1 2016; previous Google updates cracked down on websites without a mobile-friendly, responsive layout. Although any web design company can build a sleek, modern-looking website, your site might as well cease to exist, unless your website developers understand these big-picture issues.

While the visual aspect of modern web design has been slow to change, behind-the-screen there have been several changes on the web. That’s why our Seattle web design company also offers SEO services, full-service Internet marketing, and all the other tools you need to keep your head afloat.

How Do Google Updates Like Penguin Affect Your Website?
In a study from online advertising network Chitika, the number one listing in Google search results receives 33% of traffic. The second position attracts 18%, and traffic degrades sharply from there. And since 93% of all online experiences still start with a search engine like Google (that’s 100 billion searches per month), web design can no longer remain separate from Internet marketing services.

And that’s the difference between your average web design company and experienced website developers.

Sure, your website might look good to a visitor, but how does it look to Google?

Colby Richards

Colby is the Managing Partner of Brown Box Branding's Seattle branch. The twenty-five years he’s spent managing client projects have provided him with an eye for detail and an appreciation for branding. Colby’s high-energy approach to projects built his proven track record of positive results.

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