The Real Value of SEO

The Real Value of SEO

The Real Value of SEO

If you think that search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t pay off, think again. It provides real value and delivers real results. Just consider a few of the following facts.

That’s the close rate SEO leads have. Granted, 14.6% doesn’t sound like much. It is only a bit more than one in 10, after all. However, outbound leads — ones generated through such marketing tactics as direct mailing, billboards, or print advertising — only have a 1.7% close rate. That’s right. SEO leads close more than 10 times as often as leads generated through more traditional modes of marketing.

That’s how much less SEO leads cost than outbound leads. So not only do SEO leads make you more money, closing out leads 10 times as often, they also cost less than half of what other, more traditional modes of marketing do. In other words, you can make more for less if you use a high-quality SEO strategy to boost your site’s online visibility. Who doesn’t want that?

That’s how much of the search traffic that the first ranked Google result gets — 33%. In other words, the first ranked search results gets a full one-third of the search traffic. Second only gets 18%, while third only gets about 11% of the traffic. After that, it drops off exponentially. This means that if you’re not in the very top rankings on Google, you’re not going to get traffic. It also means that you need SEO if you even hope to compete online. After all, if online consumers aren’t shopping with you, they’re probably shopping with your competitors, who probably have a better search ranking than your site.

SEO really does matter. It pays to have web designers optimize your site’s web development for search engines — literally. If you have any SEO questions, feel free to share in the comments.

Chris Wielinski

As our Lead Developer, Chris helps to guide strategic decisions in all technological avenues. He plays a crucial role assessing market trends and determining how they affect our approach to client projects. Chris has developed a remarkable programming team who has mastered a number of technologies to help build world class websites for our clients.

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